About Us

Established in 2010 with the passion for helping brands and emerging designers navigate through the processes of a concept to reality, offering a wide range of services to seamlessly take 2D ideas through 3D production. Our dedicated team has over twenty years of experience within the industry enabling us to provide assistance on all aspects of production processes.

We are skilled in diverse range of pattern cutting methods from manual pattern cutting through block manipulation, drapery and measurements, to digital pattern cutting using drafts or existing patterns from past seasons.

Grade House will ensure that the grade rule used reflects the targeted market sector which the product is intended for. We consider the price point, material type, retail level, and demographic of the consumer; gender, age range, garment usage, and their preferences in style and vanity.

Following a ground rule of high standard service and exceeding customer’s expectations, Grade House uses only the very best and latest computer pattern cutting technology to give the greatest standard of accuracy throughout.

Our facilities cover every aspect of pattern development from creating or digitising the first pattern, designing brand specific or following industry standard grade rules. Also inclusive of plotting graded nests or sized pattern sets on paper and card, as well as electronic pattern files available to convert to other CAD systems for sending to factories or to preserve.

Grade House services including but not limited to, design analysis, pattern cutting, toiling, fitting, amendments, sampling, grading, pattern printing on paper or cards, size specs, digital patterns and small production run.

Our customers range from high end, high street to upcoming designers and brands.

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