Technical Advice In London

Following a ground rule of high standard of service and exceeding customer’s expectations, Grade House Ltd uses only the very best and latest in emerging computer pattern cutting technology to give the greatest standard of precision and accuracy throughout the services and products we offer.

Grade House Ltd will ensure that the grade rule we use when grading your size sets reflects your targeted market sector for which your product range, garment usage, and their preferences in style and fit are all accounted for.

Grade House Ltd services include, but are not limited too; design analysis, toiling, fitting, pattern amendments/creation, garment sampling, pattern grading, fabric consumption markers for productions, pattern printing on paper or cards, size spec and tech packs, file conversion, digital or manual patterns and small production runs with no minimum order quantity with UK based manufacturing.

Here are just few points for what you will get from using our Technical Advice services:

  • Detailed information answering any questions you have about the Technical processes.
  • Employees with over 80 years of combined experience within the fashion/patterns/Technical Industry.
  • Detailed advice with regards to pattern cutting and pattern amendments.
  • Quick same day service on simple pattern amendments for paper and card.
  • What makes us different?

    Technical Specification
    Combining illustrations, working drawings, fabrics, finishings and haberdashery details, outlining each stage of production – ensuring quality, aesthetic and safety at all times.
    Creative Pattern Cutting
    Skilled in a variety of pattern cutting methods from manual pattern cutting through to block manipulation, drapery and measurements.
    Pattern Amendments
    Changing your existing patterns throughout toiling, before or after grading in response to customer feedback and requirements.
    Toiling and First Sample
    Creating practice garments in a similar weight of fabric to check the fit on a model, construction, finishing, and silhouette of the base size.
    Capturing every detail of your manual patterns digitally into our CAD system making them ready for further amendments.
    Pattern Grading
    Applying industry standard grading rules, follow your company’s established sizing system, or assist you in creating your own bespoke grade specifications.
    File Conversion & Backup
    Converting and backing up your files to any compatible CAD system formats such as AAMA, DXF, HPGL, and exporting to Illustrator.
    Costing and Marker Making
    Using computerised marker making software to provide a quick, economical way of calculating how much fabric is required for each pattern.
    Supplying you with full-scale graded paper nests, paper sets and card sets for you to use or to send to your factory.
    UK Based Manufacturing
    With connections in and outside of London, it is quicker and logistically easier to deliver finished orders to UK based retailers.
    Quality control
    Liaising with the manufacturer and undertaking the role of garment technician to oversee the quality of your order.
    Overseas Manufacturing
    We can manufacture within the UK or abroad. We have connections in and outside London.
    Fabric Sourcing
    We here at Grade House Ltd can source the right materials for your project. We take the hassle out of your sourcing

    Become A Part Of Our Team

    Would you like to become a part of our dedicated team? Do you want to better your skills within product development? Are you a productive, passionate and determined person? Take a look at our vacancies or send us a message about what you love and we will be sure to get back to you.