A sample maker is an essential member of your team as a designer-entrepreneur. They are in charge of sewing the design from your pattern to finding any flaws before it is put into production. The sample maker notes any flaws or problems in the design during the procedure. The pattern is sent to production once it has been reviewed and all issues have been resolved. Here is a list of specialized areas that employ a clothing sample maker in the UK: garment and manufacturing companies, fashion brands, design studios, retail businesses, and individual fashion designers.

Sample making is considered an entry-level job in the fashion industry. However, these entry-level employees save businesses a huge amount of money each year by preventing problems from arising in the first place. That is why employers hire a sample maker who is not only great in expertise but who also has tremendous experience. Thus, a good sample maker can earn well even though it is an entry-level job.

How to Become a Sample Maker?

The job of a sample maker may seem simple, but it is not as easy as it looks. Let’s imagine that a client has a fresh design in mind and is looking for a sample maker to turn that idea into reality. The sample maker, in this case, will have to go through the following steps:

  • Analyze client’s aspirations
  • Create a rough sketch of the design
  • Make a pattern
  • Match the description
  • Make the appropriate changes
  • Locate and choose final fabrics
  • Gather and choose all of the various findings
  • Finish the final component for the handover by sewing it
  • Repeat several of the stages for each graded size

That is much effort which further has to go through an intense inspection from the client.

Therefore, you need to have some sewing experience to work as a sample maker. Sample makers can gain experience by working in a fabric or production factory or as entry-level employees at a fashion designing firm. Some sample manufacturers may require extensive pattern construction skills with a specific material, such as leather, cotton, etc. On-the-job training or a vocational program or fashion school can help you earn the required skills and qualifications. However, it is crucial to have experience with various sewing machines and techniques and the ability to judge the technical quality of your patterns.

You may find the skills to become a sample maker in a few other jobs as well. For instance, many sample maker jobs require prior expertise as a seamstress. Moreover, many sample makers have previous work experience in positions such as sales associates.

Skills Required to be a Sample Maker

Following are some of the top skills that every sample maker must know:

  • Production samples
  • Sample boards
  • CAD
  • Paper Patterns
  • Fashion Shows

Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are looking for a sample maker as a client or an employee, you must ask the right questions before finalizing one. Here is a list of things that you should ask:

  • Portfolio of their experience
  • A price estimate based on the materials they deal with
  • a list of former and present clientele
  • Payment conditions
  • The sampling lead time
  • Whether they take on full-scale projects or offer samples only

Sample Makers at GreenHouse Ltd.

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